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Eaton UPS’s protecting and keeping you on air

Eaton UPS’s protecting and keeping you on air

High-performance systems are rarely equipped to handle surges or outages on their own. For this reason, it’s vital that you have a viable source of back-up power to support your network in the event that their mains power supply is compromised.

Eaton is a world-leading provider of uninterruptible power systems, or UPS. Through the development of innovative products and services as well as strategic acquisitions of other companies, the organisation strives for continued success in leveraging technical innovation to develop next-generation solutions. Their range of back-up power systems cover everything from at-home network closets and small-scale server rooms through to enterprise and co-location data centres.

With a vast range of products there’s an Eaton UPS to suit your power requirements and budget. Talk to us today and we can devise a safety plan to protect your station.

Some of the most popular Eaton UPS’s our customers have purchased recently include:

Eaton 5P UPS

650VA, 850VA, 1150VA, 1550VA, 

The Eaton 5P UPS is an enterprise-class integrated backup power solution with the flexibility to support network closets, server rooms, distributed IT and edge computing environments. The 5P is available as a tower UPS, wall mount UPS, and rackmount UPS to ensure a perfect fit for a variety of applications. Several models are available as a compact UPS – which are 2U in height with shorter depths than a traditional UPS – making them perfect for 4-post or 2-post rail mounting and wall mounting. The 5P UPS even offers flexibility in battery types with two models offering lithium-ion batteries. Compared to traditional VRLA batteries, lithium-ion batteries offer a longer lifespan and smaller footprint, making them the perfect option for distributed IT and edge computing applications. Pairing a 5P UPS with an Eaton Gigabit Network card – the first in the industry to comply with UL 2900-2-2 cybersecurity standard – and Eaton’s Intelligent Power Management (IPM) platform allows for seamless management of your connected equipment, even in virtualized environments, which makes this UPS a complete backup power solution.

Eaton 5PX Gen2 UPS

1500VA, 2000VA, 2200VA, 3000VA

The new Eaton 5PX Gen2 UPS provides Enterprise Networks and Edge IT equipment with best-in-class line-interactive power protection maximizing IT space and Service Continuity. Eaton 5PX Gen 2 offers powerful tools to remotely monitor, integrate with IT architecture and remotely deploy/maintain large installed base of UPSs.

The innovative graphical LCD display makes configuration of the 5PX Gen2 easy and intuitive. The UPS offers an easy start-up configuration wizard to simplify your UPS setup process. Increased standard runtime by at least 25% on 1.5 and 2 kVA models compared to the original 5PX UPS.  Remote management and firmware upgrades are available with the optional Eaton Gigabit network management card. Advanced battery management and hot-swappable battery enables ease of maintenance and flexibility. The 5PX G2 provides enhanced surge protection keeping your branch offices and IT closets equipment safe.

Eaton 9PX

1kVA, 1.5kVA, 2kVA, 2.2kVA, 3kVA, 5kVA, 5.5kVA, 6kVA, 8kVA, 10kVA, 11kVA

The Eaton 9PX is a proven best-in-class online UPS featuring ABM technology which extends battery service life by up to 50%. With double-conversion topology for constant power conditioning, optional battery packs for extended runtime and ENERGY STAR qualification, the 9PX tower/rackmount UPS supports your overall goal of business continuity. It’s also built for scalable deployment and features a graphical LCD interface that gives you local access to configurations and settings, history and diagnostics, energy consumption and load segment control. The 9PX UPS even offers flexibility in battery types with nine models offering lithium-ion batteries. 

For a well-rounded back-up power solution, you can easily pair your 9PX online UPS with the Eaton Intelligence Platform for seamless management of your connected equipment in your physical and virtual environment. In addition, select 9PX UPS models include the Eaton Gigabit Network card – the first UPS network card in the industry to comply with both UL 2900-2-2 and IEC cybersecurity standards.

Typical applications: IT, edge networks, medical/healthcare, universities, schools, industrial automation, harsh electrical environments.

The Eaton 9PX can be ordered in either rack or tower form, and comes in a range of powers to suit your application from 1 kVA – 22 kVA.

Gigabit Network Card - optional adition

The Eaton Gigabit Network Card (Network-M2) is Eaton’s latest UPS connectivity device that delivers IT professionals with new and exciting capabilities and features. The Gigabit Network Card improves power system reliability by providing warnings of pending issues to administrators and helping to perform orderly graceful shutdown of servers and storage. The new network card works with Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) v1.61 (and higher) to improve business continuity by triggering policies configured to keep mission critical applications running in the event of power or environmental anomalies, including virtual machine relocation or automated disaster recovery action.

Common features for 5P, 5PX Gen 2 & 9PX

  • Phase: Single
  • Voltage: 120V &208–240V
  • Electrical input: Plug & Play (9PX has hardwire option)
  • Generator compatible
  • ABM technology (up to 50% longer battery service life)
  • Battery type: Lead acid (lithium Ion battery options are available on different series if desired)
  • Graphical LCD interface
  • Network card slot
  • RS-232 port
  • USB Port
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • External bypass option available

Comparison Chat:

Power range
550 to 3000 VA
1 to 3 kVA
700 VA to 11 kVA
Rack-mount height
1U & 2U
2U to 9U
Rack-mount depth (in.)
14.3 to 25.5
19.6 to 25.5
17.7 to 30
Outlet metering
Extended battery modules
High efficiency mode
Power factor
Up to 1.0
Up to 1.0


  • I’m not sure which UPS to purchase?  If you aren’t sure which UPS to pick, contact us to discuss what equipment you are needing to protect and we can quote you a suitable solution.
  • Where is the best place for your equipment? Slide in alongside your IT equipment off the floor, keeping everything away from water leaks and spills. When mounting in a rack it is best to position it at the bottom, particularly if you have external battery packs, as it is quite heavy.
  • Mounting hardware included? It is important to ensure that the proper 2 or 4-post mounting hardware is included with the UPS battery back-up or you will need to purchase it separately.


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