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Be energy savvy with SMART FM

Be energy savvy with SMART FM

SmartFM technology

A new paradigm in energy savings.

SmartFM is a sophisticated, worldwide patented algorithm, or AI, which brings massive benefits to broadcasters and radios. SmartFM makes Ecreso FM transmitters the most cost-competitive and the most environmentally friendly on the market.

This software technology elevates FM transmission to an unprecedented level of performance and efficiency and enables broadcasters to reduce their energy costs by up to 40% without any compromise on the audio quality and coverage.

SmartFM Technology Benefits:

  • Lowers energy costs up to 40%
    thanks to electricity savings and reduced cooling
  • Reduces Co2 Emissions
    For a cleaner, more sustainable environment

Over the last few decades, there have been substantial improvements in FM transmitters.

With LDMOS technology, built-in features, and compact designs, transmitters today are smaller, produce less heat, and have pallets reaching 85% efficiency. Despite these advancements, LDMOS technology has most likely reached its maximum potential for improving transmitter efficiency.

Fortunately, a new industry milestone has just been achieved in radio broadcast.

After 3 years of state-of-the-art engineering and rigorous fine tuning through FM receiver listening, psychoacoustic analysis, digital result modeling, AI, algorithms, RF optimization, performance and field testing, you can now benefit from the most advanced technology dedicated to energy savings.

SmartFM is the result of WorldCast Systems expertise in signal processing, FM broadcasting and field measurement. It improves the Total Cost of Ownership of FM broadcasters and elevates FM to an unprecedented level of performance and efficiency.
Its ‘smart’ performance lowers energy costs up to 40%* and limits environmental impact by reducing CO2 emissions.

How to benefit from SmartFM?
SmartFM is available on new WorldCast Systems’ Ecreso FM transmitters, as well as the thousands already deployed worldwide, through a simple software upgrade.

Contact us today to discuss SmartFM for your station.