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Broadcasting Antenna Monitoring System (BAMS) by Cibred Sud

Broadcasting Antenna Monitoring System (BAMS) by Cibred Sud

Broadcasting Antenna Monitoring System (BAMS) by Cibred Sud


The Broadcasting Antenna Monitoring System (BAMS) by Cibred Sud, supervises broadcasting television antennas proper operation. 

A failure or defect in power to only one element can significantly distort the radiation pattern. Currently, the only way to evaluate the operation of an antenna is to monitor the return loss at the transmitter output with no way to locate the problem. In more complex antennas, equipped with a large number of power splitters, a problem with a radiant panel could be not detected by return loss measurement at the feeder inlet.
Transient events could be also generated by ambient events such as meteorological phenomena (e.g. instantaneous deformation due to wind, ice shields, moisture inside panels).

BAMS allows detection and localization of transient or permanent faults and performance deviation of antenna systems by:
• the Smart Sensors, one before every antenna panel and power splitter and 
• a Data Manager, typically inside the broadcasting station.

The Smart Sensors are equipped with a rich number of sensors: RF forward and reflected power, ambient and pneumatic data inside the RF line (pressure, temperature and humidity). A communication port allows data transmission to the Data Manager.

BAMS will:
– PRESERVE the antennas
– PREVENT antenna failures
– IDENTIFY (what) the failures
– LOCATE (where) the failures
– LINK Weather conditions to Antenna behaviours
– SIMPLIFY the service management

BAMS UHF version also available

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