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STL Solutions from Broadcast Components

STL Solutions from Broadcast Components

Establish a High Quality STL With These Solutions

IP Codec + NanoBridge

using any IP codec in combination with a NanoBridge open band digital link makes it possible to establish high quality stereo or mono communication.

Consider the example below for your next Outside Broadcast. With an internet connection, the NanoBridge 5 can provide a link between the OB site and the studio- with the Phoenix Mercury codec at the OB site and the Phoenix Venus rack mounted at the studio. Alternatively, this same design could be used to send your studio signal to the transmitter site with ease.

With the equipment configured, connect the audio cables and align the antennas to create an unlicensed, bi-directional link which can be monitored for data and audio quality.

OB solution 400

Licensed Microwave Links

The solutions below are suitable for the link between the studio and transmission site STL. The ACMA regulate and control the licensing in this frequency, and should be consulted before the purchase of this equipment for your station. As these links are licensed, the frequency will be your station’s exclusively, and ensure great coverage with minimal interference. The frequency of this band also allows greater flexibility regarding line of site requirements. For more information on licensed microwave links, contact us today!

EXC18b and RTX18b

The EXC18B and RTX18B create a modern direct synthesis, frequency-agile broadcast quality STL (studio to transmitter link), which may be factory preset on a very wide frequency range from VHF to SHF. This STL boasts excellent modulation characteristics including low noise, distortion and broad pass-band, high performance stereo encoding/decoding, on field programmability and monitoring. This unit offers output power up to 15W and has frequency bands of 20MHz! Consider the Sielco range from Broadcast Components from 200MHz up to 2.5GHz

Automatic Changeover COV21

The COV21TX and the COV21RX are small self comprehencive automatic changeover devices to be used as signal front-end module in combination with a dual path EXC/RTX STL solution from Sielco. The COV21TX/COV21RX can also be applied as RF changeover devices in low power (<30W) FM exciters/transmitters and receivers in the same frequency range. The reserve apparatus is configured in hot stand-by and switching takes less than 500ms from failure detection


Link this solution to create a radio link for your FM station. This solution from RVR is recognised as a high quallity solution at a very competitive price point. With standard working frequency between 200-960 MHz, let us create a link for your station


Inovonics Siderstreamers Comparison

The INOmini 635 is a Web-enabled FM receiver for remote signal monitoring. It is essentially a remote-control FM radio with remote audio monitoring capabilities via