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Guide to Audio Processing

High Quality Audio Processing from BW Broadcast

Processing. If there is anything more likely to spark fierce debate among the chattering radio classes then it is the subject of on-air processing.

Today I don’t think that there is any argument against the fact that a radio station, broadcasting on whichever transmission platform, needs to control the level, dynamic range, and EQ of its output. The questions are: by how much and with which device?

TIP 1. Don’t over process… Clean is the new loud

All processors can make you loud, but over processing subconsciously fatigues listeners. The public can’t “turn down” the effects of heavy processing, but they will tune out if your radio station sound irritates them. BW Broadcast processors offer the perfect balance between loudness and cleanness, which will give your station a sound that’s full, open, and flowing, like the audio is coming out effortlessly. If you’re a station who’s sound is squashed, compressed, distorted, narrow and loud you may be losing listeners.

TIP 2. Buy a processor with a ‘money back’ guarantee.

An audio processor is a big commitment for any station. BW Broadcast are so confident that you’ll be impressed by the improvement in your stations sounds that they offer a money back guarantee on all their processors.

TIP 3. Chose a processor with the ‘award winning’ Ariane audio leveler built in.

Nowadays, there are a lot of audio variations and sources that a processor has to deal with, not to mention some rather poor recording techniques. The DSPXtra with its’ built-in Ariane leveler can tame even the wildest audio sources. It’s as close to a trained mastering engineer on a fader as you are going to get. Best of all it delivers dymanic range control that you can’t hear!

The Ariane is also available as a standalone unit, use it along side any existing processor to instantly improve the sound quality of your station. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes! Take a look at the Ariane audio leveler.


TIP 4. Don’t spend more than you need.

BW Broadcast processors give you a whole lot more than you’d expect for the money. We’ve had some amazing feedback from customers who had written off our processors because they were too cheap ‚Äì so assumed they were no good. Here is a customer review available on the Wireless Components Site-
customer review

BW Broadcast processors are full or features not included in many others on the market, like dual processing paths, remote access over IP and multiband look ahead limiting. In addition, transmitters from BW Broadcast have in built processing to help in keeping your costs lower.

TIP 5. Create a signature sound that suits your listeners taste and keep them listening longer.

processingThink about who your listeners are and what type of music your broadcasting. It’s all too easy to crank up the levels to be the loudest on the dial, but is that really what your listeners want? Creating a sound that keeps listeners listening is the way forward. That’s why BW Broadcast Audio Processors come with a range of 15 presets which have been designed to suit all music styles and taste, so you will find one that suits your audience. Using BW Broadcast unique online software you can make adjustments to these presets and even create a new one from scratch. This means you are guaranteed to be able to create you own unique style and more importantly one that suits your listeners, and won’t have them tuning out!

Take a look at BW Broadcast Processor Range.

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