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Complete In-a-box Outside Broadcast Solutions

Complete In-a-box Outside Broadcast Solutions

Broadcast Components offer their complete all-in-one outside broadcast solution.

The kit involves 2 cases which houses all the equipment you need for your event.

The Codec case has a audio codec mixer & dual sim router in a custom designed case with multiple input and output ports, easily identifiable and accessible.

The Audio case houses 3 headsets, a wireless microphone with receiver for interviews and all the accessories (including high gain antenna).

Transmission path: the built in dual sim router supports 3G, 4G and the brand new 4GX (Telstra), 4G+ (Vodafone and Optus) bands. It accepts SIMs from nearly all Australian Carriers. It switches between the 2 SIMs to utilize the best data speeds. It is incredibly reliable and efficient. The faceplate also has a WAN port so you can plug in to the local network to utilise high speed NBN or ADSL.

A range of encoding algorithms are on offer to suit diverse conditions, from low latency high compression through to uncompressed for IP links.

The equipment comes preconfigured by the Broadcast Components Team, connect to power, plug in the audio cables and press the green “call” button.

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