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Complete In-a-box Outside Broadcast Solutions

Complete In-a-box Outside Broadcast Solutions

Broadcast Components offer their complete all-in-one outside broadcast solution The Phoenix Plus Una.

Contact us for information and pricing on battery powered single-box interview set ups through to portable 8 channel mixing consoles and the ancillary supporting equipment.

Transmission path:
3G/4G: with the improving technology associated with smartphones and portable 3G/4G modems, this technology is becoming increasingly reliable and available.

Telephone: where available, this path offers reliability and reasonable audio quality. Consider running a cable to nearby residential property or local business (with their permission). At the studio end, a telephone hybrid with VQR will receive the call.

ISDN: For a regularly occurring OB, an ISDN line will provide maximal quality and reliability for your audio return. Unfortunately, this option is becoming decreasingly common due to cost and availability.

ADSL: Where available, ADSL offers improved audio quality and reliability when compared with a standard telephone call or 3G/4G, however, it will require integration with local infrastructure. Using any IP codec in combination with a NanoBridge open band digital link it is possible to establish high-quality stereo or mono communication. The Phoenix Mercury or Alio codec could be deployed at the OB site and the Phoenix Venus rack mounted at the studio. Alternatively, this same design could be used to send your studio signal to the transmitter site with ease.

With the equipment configured, connect the audio cables and align the antennas to create an unlicensed, bi-directional link that can be monitored for data and audio quality.

OB solution 400


Alternatively, using a 3G/4G solution, you can transport your encoded audio signal using OPUS a very low latency low bandwidth codec. Phoenix codecs are equipped with SmartRTP to allow easy connection between devices, and are used in global events from the Olympic Games to IAAF. High quality cost effective audio distribution for Outside Broadcast or RF Rebroadcast. 

Alternate Equipment Solutions

D612 8 Channel console

D612 solution 2


– 4 balanced microphones
– USB in/out for connection to your PC automation software
– in built telephone hybrid and Bluetooth
– Optional AoIP Module to stream directly to the studio with no additional codecs required

View the manual and product detail.

Here is a look at the studio box so that up to 5 headset can be connected, which satisfies 4 people on the desk at the same time. The proposal shows additional equipment which could be used, such as the HMD280 headsets, which are factory terminated to suit this equipment



MX2100 Mini Console

MX2100 solution 2


– 4 microphone inputs; 3 inputs for dynamic microphones and one input for an internal condenser MIC.
– Telephone hybrid for connection to a standard phone line or mobile (via Bluetooth)
– It weighs only 600 grams with the battery, clipping on to the presenter’s belt and offers 16 hours continuous operation

Contact Us for the product manual, added detail and a MX2100 proposal. With a telephone hybrid with VQR to receive the calls, this single box gives a presenter a simple, rapid way of developing an OB. 


The ALIO, D612 and MX2100 are some of the simple ways to get your signal back to the studio simply, and cost effectively. If you have any questions, contact us today





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