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Thanks for visiting us- CBAA 2014

Thanks for visiting us- CBAA 2014

Wireless Components at the 2014 CBAA Conference

Wireless Components sponsors the annual CBAA conference and advertises in the CBX magazine.

This year, we were delighted to meet so many station representatives and look forward to catching up with those people who left their details. Please continue to support Wireless Components as a local, family run business working with community broadcasters.

The 2600 XD:


  • New look with low-profile cabinet
  • Illuminated pushbottons, CPU controlled
  • Electronic Routing audio without mechanical contacts
  • User programmable from the front panel
  • Feather touch Ceramic faders with 20-year life
  • Timer-Clock and Stereo Phase Vector are now standard
  • Digital VU meters 24/32 steps, dual RMS & Peak
  • Send BUS with Mix-Minus for Skype / IP Vox
  • CUE programmable multimode
  • Switching power supply multi-voltage, stabilized
  • AoIP option for STL link through Internet
  • Virtual2600 option, for remote control of console

The Phoenix Mobile


  • Diverse connectivity by via one or two optional communication
  • IP. PSTN (POTS) and ISDN (RDSI) TELCO modules
  • 3G/4G connection possible via USB connector
  • Coordination / Talk-Back from the studio to the remote end in addition to the remote-to-studio Main Program.

The AEQ Capitol:


  • 8 fixed format faders
  • Automatic monitor speaker cut off
  • cough muting
  • fader-start
  • control signalling


  • AoIP and MADI options
  • Dual line digital telephone hybrid
  • Backup power supply
  • Virtual Capital software ‚Äì complete remote control software
  • counter-sunk or desktop options available

The D612:


  • 8 channels, with 5 100mm ceramic faders with 15 year life
  • 12 stereo input
  • 4 stereo outputs
  • Audio Microphone Compressor
  • Optional AoIP to transmit digital audio to Ethernet / Internet

The MX2400 and MX2100:

2100 2400


  • MX2100:
    • Rechargeable batteries offer 16 hours of continuous operation
    • Connect via USB, bluetooth or PTSN.
    • handles 3 mic with individual processing and 3 headphones
  • MX2400:
    • 6 headphones outputs, with 3 jack connectors on each side can operate in mono or stereo
    • Handles 5 mono microphones +/- 48V phantom power
    • Connect via USB, Bluetooth, PTSN or internal WiFi module



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