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As a platinum sponsor of the event, Wireless Components will create an exhibit to show our message of ‘choice, with value’ in broadcast equipment for your station

As a platinum sponsor of the event, Wireless Components will create an exhibit to show our message of ‘choice, with value’ in broadcast equipment for your station. We look forward to sharing the experience with you April 20-22 QT Gold Coast.

Working with the board of the CMA, and the technical team for the conference, Wireless Components will deliver the audio and video content to your screens using AVRA for digital content delivery. AVRA is a fully functional broadcast software including advertisements, live assist and scheduling, as well as a video mixing software including inputs from webcam, HD SDI cameras, Skype and web based streams. The combined audio and video stream can be received live or downloaded later for your community to experience your content first hand. Imagine increasing the penetration of your message by including video and audio at your next Service or radio Show. For Connect16, AVRA will integrate both audio and video sources to create a downloadable stream for those of you who can’t make it to the event, or would like to share the message with your local community or congregation. 

The message for this year’s conference is significance. In 2016, when media is consumed on portable, handheld devices, AVRA gives you the power to remain significant in an increasingly complex space.

Here are some photos of the event-


We look forward to sharing the following equipment with you at our stand-


 tx1500 small
TX 600 V2 600 Watt Transmitter

The TX600 V2 from BW Broadcast, a transmitter whose feaures include gold clamp transistors, SNMP interface, hot swap power supplies in-built DSP processing and more…

Digital Studio design by AEQ Kroma. Build your studio around Dante Audio over IP technology (by Audinate)

Digiital Mixing Desks

FORUM/ GRAND FORUM Digital Console
  CAPITOL IP Digital Console

AEQ Digital desks provide a platform for reliable, high quality audio in the on air and production environment for radio and television. These mixing desks incorporate all of the features necessary for use in environments requiring: automatic monitor speaker cut-off, cough muting, fader start, control signaling, interface signaling for automation of external equipment, external communications management, intercom, etc.

 Analogue to Digital Converter: Take your existing analogue audio onto the AoIP network

 Netbox  NETBOX Analogue to Digital Converter

The Netbox 8 and Netbox 32 offer two size options to match the requirements of your station. Link an analogue studio to a new digital studio, add incoming satellite or outside broadcast feeds to the AoIP network. 

PC/Mac audio sharing: turn any PC or Mac into a Dante AoIP transmitter or receiver with Dante Virtual Soundcard

 Share the music library of a local computer over the whole network. Use a computer to manage the audio over the system, sharing audio streams between studios and across networks.

Wireless Components offers analogue mixing consoles from multiple manufacturers and sized for a variety of applications.From an Outside Broadcast console in the D612 to a fully integrated Bravo, contact us for more information

Automation software

  AVRA: Audio and Visual for radio        
  Audicom Automation and management software

Audicom offers an all in one software for audio management. Automation, advertisement, music, RDS and much more. AVRA is an exciting new development in radio software. Offering all the features of Audicom with the added benefit of a video feed for your stations’ website or online stream.  

Outside Broadcast Equipment

  MX2100: Simple OB solution        
  MX2400: Streaming OB solution
 D612 AoIP streaming OB Mixing Desk
  3G/4G/4GX routers


Studio Codecs

  AEQ Phoenix Codec Family          

 AEQ Codecs can fit a variety of requirements, from single channel IP through to multichannel modular. The perfect partner to the Phoenix ALIO.


Wireless Components offers choice with value in broadcast equipment from microphone to transmitter and outside broadcast.

Wireless Components- Broadcast Equipment for your station



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